Eagle Court of Honor Song

This is a song that I wrote as my sons were getting their eagle scout advancement.  The eagle badge is a metaphor for our lives. I felt it needed something special.

I have a small ensemble version of it as well. It is enhanced with a simple drumbeat, reminiscent of Indian drums…

TheFledglingEagle (music in pdf format)

Lyrics for The Fledgling Eagle

The fledgling eagle has his start,

Safe, protected in a nest,

Care and nurture give him strength,

High above the ancient forest

Fly high and strong above the mountains

Your journey calls across the land

Fly high and free, in honor be,

On wings borne up, by unseen hand

The eagle grows and tries his wing,

Sees the landscape far below

Cautiously he ventures forth

Tests the air, and then lets go.

He forges onward and he meets,

Dangers and the storms of night

He bears his setbacks patiently,

In his heart’s a noble light.

The eagle flies above the earth,

His powerful wings unfurled

In pale moonlight on silvered wing

He lets his cry be heard

His gaze is sharp his vision clear

Unmarred by earthly care,

He sets his sights on Heaven’s heights,

And fills his mission there!

The ancient eagle in the sun,

Wisdom gained through service wrought,

Feathers grayed and eyes grown dim,

He rests at last, his fight is fought.

Fly high and free above the sunset,

Your journey now a peaceful land,

Fly high and free, in honor be,

On wings borne up, by unseen hands