Remember My Friends

This is a composition I put my heart and soul into. It is a sacred song to me. In 2016 I was asked to sing a solo on Easter. The piece I wanted to sing required special permission from a publisher, but by the time I received the permission this song had been forming in my mind. I rose very early on a Sunday and started composing what I had been hearing. I wouldn’t eat until I had finished, because I wanted to be able to watch one hour with the Savior while I wrote a song attempting to capture my deepest feelings for him. I felt a peace and warmth as by that afternoon I had captured the lyrics, tenor and violin parts. Then as we met for a special Sunday temple dedication service at our church house, I was shown the piano player I needed to go to in order to complete the score. That evening he took one look at the completely blank piano stanza and said, “Oh, just the way I like it! It allows me to improvise to the Spirit of the piece.” As I sang, he composed a beautiful piano line which I captured as best as I could.

The debut of the piece was actually 3-days before Easter. I sang it A Capella for my brothers at the addiction recovery where I serve as a missionary. It touched hearts there and at other places I have sung it. I hope you will feel my love for you and for our Savior through this piece.

Note: This is the only recording I have of the piano he composed. I purposefully sang softly so I could write it down. Please look at the lyrics below while you listen to capture the pieces potential.

Here is a PDF of the score with violin:  RememberMyFriends_V01

Lyrics to Remember My Friends

Friend of the shepherds and angels at birth
Friend of the lame and the poor of the earth
Friend of the fallen who seeks to rise again
My Savior, redeemer, my friend

Friends, as I pray in the garden tonight
Friends, please pray also and stay in my sight
Father, that we may be one, I have come
Father, that each of my friends will come home

Friends, with an army and kiss I’m betrayed
Friends, though you scatter, my arm is not shortened, you still can be saved
Friends, I now bear my own cross to Calvary
Friends of my Father, I bear this cross for thee

Father, forgive they know not what they do
Father, I love them, I’ll bring them to you
Father, it’s finished, my work here now is done
Father receive now thy son,
… and Father, remember my friends…

Behold, I call you, my friends…

Easter Enhancement: I wrote a 4-measure segue into Richard Tolbert’s “That Easter Morn” which we sang with a  beautiful small choir, which was perfect for completing the message of the resurrection with full voices in celebration.

Here is the segue violin part. It adds a lone violin from measure 44 to 47. The From measure 48 is Richard Tolbert’s piece: