Standing for Our Beliefs

Recently, at a ‘get to know you’ activity at work, we were each asked to give a favorite hobby.  I felt impressed to mention singing, but the person next to me really impressed me as he said, in front of our large group, “I like to read the bible, every day.”

I was inspired by his answer and during a break in the activity, I asked him about this hobby. I found that his love for the scriptures was inspired by a group that had loved him into the gospel. I told him I was grateful for his courage. Later, he mentioned that he was grateful we were sitting together when he shared his hobby. He said that he didn’t know where that courage came from but from his words, I’m sure it was out of his appreciation for what God had done for him. He has other hobbies, but indicated that no other hobby gave him as much joy as reading the bible.

During our break, I told him that my hobby, my love of singing, was because I love to vocalize gospel songs about our Savior, like the ones our Interfaith Choir and Orchestra performs at Christmas and Easter. I happened to have the words to the song “Gethsemane” in my work binder because I was learning the words in order to teach them to our primary children that coming Sunday. It was a special moment to share back to my friend my love for the Savior through this sacred song, as he was obviously was learning to love Him more deeply as well.

On Friday of the following week, I was at work but felt a strong need to write to my new friend, so I ‘clocked out’ and took some time to write to him about these latter days where the signs of our Savior’s coming are increasingly being fulfilled. I told to him we should expect some of the Lord’s greatest miracles in our day and I felt a strong need to testify that in our day, God had called a prophet once again to lead and prepare a people to meet the Lord at His coming and that this prophet would be speaking in a General Conference the following two days. I knew my friend might be uncomfortable with this, so I sent it with a prayer.

After completing my critical tasks that day, I got a strong impression, “You need to go to the temple – now.” And so, I found myself at the Bountiful Temple where I serve. I entered a session room where the blessings of the priesthood are secured through our making and keeping of sacred covenants to follow our Lord and Savior. There, on the second to the last row, I saw our dear temple president. I lovingly tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a caring smile as I passed. However, as I took a seat nearby I realized the temple president wasn’t alone. He was there escorting our prophet, Russell M. Nelson.

I felt a powerful outpouring of love both for this man and from him. This man, filled with the love of our Savior, was in His holy house, quietly seeking revelation so he could have the inspiration of Heaven to know the mind and will of the Lord prior to his addressing the millions of God’s children who would hear. It was a sacred time for me. We had a special prayer in that room where the Spirit powerfully confirmed to my heart that this man, who I had just testified of, is a true prophet and a man of God.

Will we hear our Savior? Will we listen to the Savior’s words that tell us that we can know a true prophet by their fruit?

I told my friend that President Nelson’s ‘fruit,’ his works, were 98-years of service to others, including a career as a famous heart surgeon and mentor in his field until he was called as an apostle, and then, as the fishermen of old, he laid down his career and followed our Savior, only picking up his scalpel one more time to save a famous Chinese opera singer because of a special request. This wasn’t looking back to his career. It was saving one more heart! How fitting that a prophet is one who heals hearts!

That Sunday, President Nelson gave a powerful and moving talk on “Peacemakers.” Considering the state of our world, I couldn’t think of a more timely or important message. If we are to hear our Savior, we need to hear his chosen servants, for “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.Amos 3:7

I love my Savior. I feel His love deeply, and I am grateful to be led by men that share that love.


Jesus climbed the hill to the garden still.
His steps were heavy and slow.
Love and a prayer took Him there
To the place only He could go.
Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,
So He went willingly to Gethsemane.

He felt all that was sad, wicked, or bad,
All the pain we would ever know.
While His friends were asleep, He fought to keep
His promise made long ago.
Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,
So He went willingly to Gethsemane.

The hardest thing that ever was done,
The greatest pain that ever was known,
The biggest battle that ever was won—
This was done by Jesus!
The fight was won by Jesus!

Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,
So He gave His gift to me in Gethsemane.

Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,
So He gives His gift to me from Gethsemane.