Christmas Service

This year our church ward organized a drive to provide food for a school in Salt Lake that has many struggling families, many of whom are refugees. Because of the poverty in which these families live, it became apparent to teachers at the school that many of the students were going hungry during the holiday break because there were no subsidized meals.

I related the following to a friend of mine in a letter:

“Many in our ward gave their Christmas to these children. My wife Chihiro insisted on giving as well, saying, “Some parents of these children may have created their own problems, but hungry children – that isn’t okay.” She shopped and I pitched in to help assemble the bags. In the end, the ward delivered 540 large sacks of food, one for every child in the school, with the hope that it will bring relief during the holiday.

We had a manger display built in our neighborhood that we were encouraged to place a piece of straw in for each good act of service done. It was wonderful to have little children getting out of their parent’s cars and placing straw in the manger. The manger is now full and running over and so is my heart. I live in Heaven on Earth.”

Service is special because whenever we give our time and talents to serve God, he magnifies it.  Days after the service was rendered, we received beautiful letters from children at the school saying, “Thank you” in a 100 innocent ways. It warmed my heart, but it didn’t stop there. I loved my wife more for her desire to help. I had a greater love for my neighbors who did so much to organize and give us an opportunity to participate, and I felt a deeper love for my Savior.

Because of this love, I want to make this entry on my website my final act of giving on this beautiful Christmas day.

As peace is increasingly taken from the earth, let us seek the peace that surpasses all understanding. It comes from the Prince of Peace, even our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!gold-stars-1086963-tablet