World Congress of Families

This is a blog about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I post this here because the family is at the center of this gospel.
There is an incredible amount of backlash aimed at discrediting the World Congress of Families #wcf9 held over the last several days. For my experience, I didn’t hear the hate speech that the multiple “World Congress Exposed” people claim. I saw, for example, abortion discussed in the light of how the women who have abortions suffer emotionally and that couples in this situation suffer problems with intimacy and future reproduction. What was exposed in Alveda King’s talk was the coercive techniques used by abortion clinics with goals of increasing their profitability by convincing women that abortion was their only choice.
What I found totally lacking was a call to hate, for example, the gay-lesbian community. The belief of those at the congress was powerful in support of traditional marriage. The biggest concern expressed at the conference, I felt was that religious and parental rights to teach the value of traditional marriage is being threatened. There really is a massive movement to discredit and destroy both traditional families and religious bodies, and it is based in ideology that only government can and should ultimately decide what people should believe and own.
Over the next few weeks footage of the actual conference addresses will be made public. Pro-family speakers from all around the world added their voices including from Africa and Russia. This dialog spanned at least Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Their powerful insights should be part of the public dialogue to help restore economic vitality and the liberty that comes from having strong families.